Click to Enlarge Images

When I created this blog, I thought that there must be a way to allow followers to click on images so they would enlarge to their original size… Turns out, there was a way… a simple way… a way that was just staring me in the face… I just failed to see it.

A young person who works for kindly and very patiently pointed me in the direction of the thing I could not see.

Now that I know, I have gone back and made the correction to all previously posted blogs. If there were any images you wished were bigger… Now you can make them so… Just click.

Go ahead… Click. When the enlargement appears, if your pointer has a + sign on it, you can zoom in even more. You probably know all this… I didn’t, but now, all of a sudden, I am an expert dying to share my new found knowledge.


Author: Tom Parks

After 35 years of stand-up comedy and acting, I have retired to play golf and write for the sheer pleasure of it. With no schedules to keep, I am left with an abundance of time to follow both interests and distractions wherever they lead me. Life is pretty swell.

6 thoughts on “Click to Enlarge Images”

  1. When I first started blogging in 2012, the pictures could be automatically enlarged by clicking on them. But the smartphones and tablets became so popular, WP had to change their program to accommodate them. Ever since then, when I click on an image in the Media Gallery to be inserted into the post, I first highlight and copy the URL it was given. When the picture appears in the post, I click on the Link symbol. An empty strip will appear and i paste the URL then click the arrow to apply it. [it sounds like a lot more work than it is and it works for me].

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